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Don't Let a Theft Charge Steal Away Your Future

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney Serving the Golden Valley, Minneapolis & Anoka, Minnesota Areas

A theft charge might not seem like a big deal, but it could end with you facing hefty fines or prison time. The right criminal defense attorney can work toward minimizing the charges or the charges' consequences.

Ralston Legal, LLC offers criminal defense services to those facing a theft charge in the Golden Valley, Anoka, or Minneapolis, Minnesota area. He'll start by examining your situation and determining whether you had permission to take the item. He'll also create a strong argument to show your intent.

As your lawyer, we will work hard to represent you effectively. We are well-versed in criminal defense law. Get in touch with us immediately to start discussing your case with a reputable criminal defense attorney in Minneapolis, Anoka, or Golden Valley, Minnesota.

Have You Been Charged with Theft?

Learn More About Theft Crimes

There are many different types of theft, including burglary, robbery, grand theft, petty theft, and auto theft. To convict you for a theft charge in Golden Valley, Anoka, or Minneapolis, MN, the state must prove four things:

  • You had control over the property.

  • You didn't have the owner's consent.

  • You intended to take the property from the owner.

  • Your charge is either a misdemeanor or felony depending on the property's value.

Our criminal defense attorney won't take your case lightly. He'll do his best to get you a favorable outcome. Contact Ralston Legal now for the legal representation you need in Minneapolis, Anoka, or Golden Valley, Minnesota.